A vegetarian or vegan lifestyle isn't for everyone, we know. But, even for meat-eaters, is a nice change of pace to munch on crisp juicy veggies sometimes.

Eat healthy, live healthy. Our on-site dietitian and nutritionist will gladly help you plan meals, menus, or diet plans.

Cleanliness, Hygiene and consciousness while preparing the food directly impacts us.

Nutritious food is that which has not been tampered with in any way. It has not been processed, bottled, boxed, frozen, canned, heat-treated, preserved, electrocuted, injected with hormones or anti-biotics, sprayed, colored, thickened, pasteurized, defoliated, fumigated, radiated, gassed, waxed, stamped, stapled or whatever

There are two classes of food. One is called raw food, and the other is called cooked food. “Raw food” does not indicate raw vegetables and raw grains but food boiled in water, whereas cooked food is made in ghee. Capatis, dhal, rice and ordinary vegetables are called raw foods, as are fruits and salads. But fried items like puris, kachoris, samosas, sweet balls and so on are called cooked foods.”

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